Student Information

Do you intend to apply financial aid toward the cost of housing, if it is an option? *
Are you a citizen of the United States? *
If not, are you authorized to live in the United States?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor? *
Applicants who have been convicted of or plead guilty to a misdemeanor or felony may be required to go through an interview process as part of the admittance process into the residence hall. The Director of Residential Life will make all final decisions regarding admission to the residence hall and may impose conditions on the student’s admission to the residence hall. Failure to list felony or misdemeanor convictions on the application will result in non-acceptance or dismissal from Ranken housing.  

Emergency Contact Information

Health Insurance Information

All residents are required to have Health Insurance during residency.” Residential Life will send information on available resources if you’re not covered
Do you currently have health insurance, or are you covered by a parent's/guardians plan?

Room Preference

The room preference section of this application is only in place to give the Residential Life Office an idea of a student’s room preference. There is no guarantee that room preferences will be honored. Factors including the order in which a completed application, contract and security deposit have been received by the Residential Life Office, the student’s housing history (first time resident or returning resident), the student’s finances being in order and available space will all be considered when making room assignments. Students who submit their materials early will have a greater chance of having their room preference honored. Walker Hall has ADA handicap accessible rooms. Students have the obligation of notifying the Residential Life Office regarding the nature of their disability and need for accommodation. Documented proof of a disability may be requested in some cases. If you have a disability and require a handicap accessible room, please select Type A.  
Room Preference

Meal Plan Preference

Please select your meal plan option from the list below. All day school students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan. The meal plan is a declining-balance system, meaning the cost of each meal purchased is deducted from your meal plan balance. Click here for more information on our current meal plans, and the average cost of food from our dining hall. Information will open in a new window.
Meal Plan Preference

Laundry Plan

The cost for the laundry plan is $75 during the school year and $30 for the summer semester, which provides unlimited access to the laundry room. The cost is deducted from your meal plan. Would you like to register for this access?
Laundry Plan

Personal Profile

Please complete the personal data section completely and honestly. Your responses will assist the Residential Life Office in determining a roommate or roommates that you may be most compatible with.
Listing a preferred roommate or roommates does not ensure that you will room with that person or persons. If you list the person or persons you would like to room with, and they list you on their application or applications, then chances are greater that you will get your preference. If you write in a preferred roommate and that person does not list you as a preference then your request will not be granted.  
Do you have a specific person or persons you would like to have as a roommate?
Would you mind having a roommate who has visitors on a regular basis? *
Would you prefer to room with someone that is in your major program? *
Do you smoke? *
Would you mind having a roommate who smokes? *
Do you prefer to live with someone that gets up early in the morning? *
Do you go to bed late most nights (after 11 p.m.)? *
Do you prefer to live with someone that stays up late? *
Do you require complete silence when you are sleeping? *
Do you mind low-level noise while you are sleeping? *
What types of music do you listen to? (Check your top three) *
How to you prefer to study? *
When I study, I: *
I am most comfortable in my room when: *
How comfortable are you with sharing your possessions? (Computer, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.) *
Which of the following best describes your personality? *

Application, Contract and Security Deposit

In order to be approved for housing, applicants must submit a housing application, signed housing contract and a security deposit. In addition, applicants must be approved by the Residential Life office as well as the Business and Financial Aid offices.

Background Check Release

By submitting this form I authorize the Residential Life office at Ranken Technical College to conduct a background check on my behalf. I also authorize the release of my academic and behavioral records on file at Ranken Technical College to the Director of Residential Life for examination. I understand that the initial approval process for housing is pending based on inspection of the background check and academic and behavioral records. I understand that the purpose of these procedures is to ensure the safety and well-being of all dormitory residents and Ranken employees who will be working in the dormitory. I hereby release the College, its employees and officials from any liability for the release of information requested above. I understand that failure to sign this release will result in non-acceptance to Ranken housing.  
Please use your mouse or you finger if using a touch screen to sign your name (or if student is under 18, name of parent or guardian). *