Shadow Leader Survey

Being designated as a Shadow Leader for the Shadow-A-Tech events or the Open Houses indicates the instructor feels you have the potential to do a good job promoting your particular program.  We hope by participating in these events you were able to improve your communication and leadership skills. We ask that you take a couple of minutes to document what you have learned.
Thank you for taking the time to promote your program.
Note:  By completing this survey, your instructor will be notified to give you extra work ethic points for the semester.
I participated as a Shadow Leader for the following event: *
I felt my elevator speech describing my path at Ranken and career path allowed the prospective student to feel more comfortable to ask me further questions. *
The ice breaker I used allowed me to establish a connection with the student. *
By engaging with the prospective student, I was able to identify their name and their overall career goals. *
I was able to provide a summary of the program, which included a description of the courses they would take, the type of work they will do and the value of the work ethic component. (Select all that apply) *
I was able to describe to the prospective student the order of events that would take place for their time on campus. *
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