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Wayfinders Assistance Grant (WAG) Application

Instructions and Procedure

The Wayfinders Assistance Grant (WAG) is a resource for current Wayfinders students experiencing unanticipated financial roadblocks that can impact program completion and well-being. WAG was established through generous contributions from the community and private donors. The amount of a single award may be between $50 and $15,000. WAG is not a loan and does not need to be repaid.
Essential to the Application Process:
- Currently enrolled in Wayfinders and making Satisfactory Progress toward Wayfinders certificate of completion.
-Applicant must have completed a FAFSA for the most recent year.
- Adhering to the University Code of Conduct and acts as a model Wayfinders student with minimal negative Behavior Event Records (BERs.)
- Provide a detailed itemized list of how funds will be utilized.
-Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units at Fresno State to be eligible.
Application Steps:
- Application must be completed online and provide a comprehensive description of unanticipated circumstances and financial need and upload qualifying examples.
Qualifying Examples:
- Utilities/Rent
- Medical expenses
- Student and Program Fees
- Books/Course Materials/Technology
- Once the application is submitted, you may be contacted by the Wayfinders Executive Director and/or WAG Decision Committee for any additional information needed.
- Once the application is complete, it will be forwarded to the WAG decision committee. 
- If funds are awarded, students will be contacted about how payment will be provided.

Eligibility Information

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Student/Applicant Information

Electronic Signature and Submission

I affirm that all information on this application is complete and true. I authorize Wayfinders and Fresno State to release my WAG Application, financial aid information, academic records, to the review committee and the Money Management Center.
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