HOOK Reveal Dealer/Reseller Reimbursement
 (Participating Countries:  US, Canada and Puerto Rico)

*  Minimum Retail Pricing (MRP) remains in effect during the promotional period.

•  Promotional period is from May 1st thru August 1st, 2022.

•  Include the product's serial number (located on the UPC label) and the owner/customer's name.

•  Claims must be submitted by August 19, 2022.

•  Payment for approved claims will be mailed out to the Authorized Dealer/Reseller Accounts in the form of a one-time payment by September 2, 2022.

NOTE: Offer is limited to Lowrance Direct Dealers and Authorized Resellers.  Dealers/Authorized Resellers outside of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico are not eligible for this rebate.



Once you select the product from the drop down list you will see fields to enter the serial number and customer/owner's name. If unable to provide a serial no., enter "See Invoice" and attach/upload an invoice. If you are submitting a rebate for more than qty 1 of each product, enter on a new product line. 


Current Rebate Total (click Calculate to view the total amount claimed): 🛈
NOTE:  Once you hit "Continue", the total on the following page is the amount that will be submitted to Navico for review/approval/payment.  Please ensure the form is accurate before hitting the "Confirm Claim/Rebate" button.  If changes are needed, click the "Back" button.  Once you hit "Confirm Claim/Rebate", you will receive a Confirmation message with your reference number.  You also have the option to print the rebate information for your records.