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Each new customer is required to submit their sales tax exemption or resale certificate number. This exemption is exclusively for the Navico customer. The issuer and the recipient have the

responsibility of determining the proper use of this certificate under applicable laws in each state, as these may change from time to time.

Issued to Seller:   Navico, 4500 S 129th E Ave, Ste 200, Tulsa OK 74134-5885
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I certify that the Organization listed above is lawfully organized as a (select one Type of Organization below), and further certify that the information entered herein is correct and, if applicable, the tax-exempt organization is recognized as valid by the status or US territory in which it is enrolled. 

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I further certify that if any property so purchased tax free is used or consumed by the firm as to make it subject to a Sales or Use Tax we will pay the tax due directly to the proper taxing authority when state law so provides or inform the seller for added tax billing.  This certificate shall be a part of each order which we may hereafter give to you, unless otherwise specified, and shall be valid until cancelled by us in writing or revoked by the city or state. 

Under penalties of perjury, I swear or affirm that the information of this form is true and correct as to every material matter.

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The Navico Customer Portal is your one-stop shop for Service, Sales and Marketing. This resource will provide 24/7 access to reseller reference and support materials and tools. The Customer Portal is a centralized information hub, requiring each user to only login once with a single username and password, and it will offer access to Orders, Account/Credit Status, System Builder, Certification Status, RMA Request Function, Link Pro App, NIF File Viewer and Vessel Look Up, depending on your assigned login credentials.

Please provide information for individual within your organization whom you would like to access our Customer Portal.  Login credentials will be assigned based on the information provided. 
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By submitting this form, the undersigned hereby agrees that any products ordered through the Navico Customer Portal are for end-use only and are not for resale. *


BIOBASE CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  By signing below, you confirm that you have read and agree to the BioBase Terms and Conditions found here.  

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