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Please complete the following application to request permission to reproduce works of art in the collection of the Maier Museum of Art at Randolph College. Image reproduction fees may apply, please refer to the Fee Schedule for details.
This is an agreement (subject to the conditions listed) between the Maier Museum of Art at Randolph College and:

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Conditions for Reproduction

1) REQUESTS: All requests for permission to reproduce an image must be made in writing, which must describe in detail the intended use, including publisher and expected date of publication. Material and Use Fees are payable in advance. If the work is not used in the final product, the Use Fees may be refunded upon receipt of a written request. 2) PERMISSION: Permission for reproduction and fees paid cover only the specific use described on the Contract. Any use not specifically described requires a separate request and Contract and appropriate fees. Exclusive and serial rights are not granted. 3) SPECIAL PROJECTS: Special projects such as note cards, address books, and calendars must be presented to the Maier Museum of Art at Randolph College (“The Museum”) for consideration and charges. A mock-up or sample of the publication must accompany the request. 4) NO CROPPING: The painted area of a picture, the outline of a sculpture, and the area within the white border of a photograph or a graphic work, including inscriptions, may not be cut down or masked out. 5) NO BLEEDING: Reproductions may not run off the edge of the paper. With special permission a work may be allowed to run across the gutter. 6) NO OVERPRINTING: Reproductions may not be superimposed with type matter or in any way defaced or altered. 7) NO COLOR INK OR STOCK: Black and white reproductions may not be printed in colored ink or on colored paper. 8) DETAILS: Applications to reproduce a detail of a work will be considered only upon receipt of a marked photograph or photocopy showing the exact area to be used. The word “detail” must appear in the caption with the complete credit line. Under most circumstances a request for detailing may be approved only if the work is shown in its entirety elsewhere in the publication. 9) COVER USE: Permission for book jacket, video or calendar covers will only be considered upon receipt of a cover design and written request for such use. 10) SLIDES: 35mm slides are furnished for film production and study purposes only. Slides may not be duplicated or used for printed media. 11) CREDIT LINE: The credit line must include artist, title, date, medium, and: Maier Museum of Art at Randolph College, Lynchburg, Virginia, unless specifically noted on Contract or otherwise. It must appear in the appropriate portion of the publication. Photographer’s credit as indicated on image must appear in the publication. 12) PROOFS: For color reproductions, final color proofs must be submitted and approved by Maier Museum of Art before printing may proceed. Failure to comply with the corrections indicated on the submitted proof may result in the withdrawal of approval. Reproduction from color separations made from color transparencies previously obtained from Maier Museum of Art are permitted only when the applicant can submit a new and accurate color proof for approval. Color corrected proofs should be provided for poor quality proofs whenever possible. If proper corrections cannot be obtained, rental of a new transparency will be required. 13) RETURN: All transparencies, photographs and slides remain the property of The Museum and must be returned within six months. A replacement fee is charged if a transparency is returned in such a condition that it cannot be reused. 14) GRATIS COPY: The publisher is to provide The Museum with one complete gratis copy of the publication in which the image is produced. In the case of M.A. theses and Ph.D. dissertations, photocopies of the references to the illustration will be acceptable. In the case of primary and secondary level textbooks, tear sheets of the page on which the image is reproduced and the credit is given will be acceptable. In the case of online use, please mail two hardcopies of the screenshot of the image online with a visible web address. 15) INDEPENDENT USE: The Museum does not supply photographs, transparencies or slides to individuals or companies operating a rental and/or sales service. 16) DUPLICATION: Except for purposes of technical production of the contracted project, applicants may not duplicate in any way a color transparency or black and white print. 17) DISCLAIMER: The Museum assumes no responsibility for any royalties claimed by the artist or on the artist’s behalf. In the case of works by living artists or other copyrighted material, the burden of obtaining all necessary reproduction permission rests with the requesting party.
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