EDCAR Top Achievers Application 2020

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Dear Top Achiever Club Members, Sustaining Members and New Applicants,

I hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy.  This year has definitely been an interesting one. The final days of 2020 are fast approaching. Please take a few minutes out of your busy days to review your production.

In 2019, EDCAR Top Achievers Club Awarded 27 scholarships totaling $19,000 to local High School Seniors.  Your dues matter!

Below please find the 2020 application package for the El Dorado County Association of REALTORS® Top Achievers Club.  The purpose of Top Achievers is to recognize REALTORS®. This year, we’ve maintained the minimum requirement of $3 million dollars in closed escrows during the prior calendar year, with a minimum of 10 separate transactions, OR 15 closed ends. Transactions shared with another agent count as 50%.

2020 dues for Top Achievers are again $150.00.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, luncheon date & location have not yet been determined.  Details will be shared at a later date.  There is an additional fee if you would like to order your plaque or plate.

Please review the enclosed forms and rules, and complete the application online.

We encourage you to complete your application early and submit it by the deadline which is 12 noon on Friday January 8, 2021There is a penalty for late submission. Any applications received after NOON on Friday January 8th, 2021 will be assessed a late fee of $200.00 in addition to $150 dues. No Applications will be accepted after January 18, 2021.  We are encouraging all Top Achievers to send in their payment and applications electronically, link to pay below.  If you need to mail your application Please submit to EDCAR P.O. Box 627, Shingle Springs, CA 95682.  Note:  DO NOT USE EDCAR’S PHYSICAL ADDRESS!

EDCAR 2020 Top Achievers Application Form

Please review the list of plaque options below and make your selection:
Membership Dues ($150) are required in addition to your plaque and/or name plates. Please add this to your total by checking the box below. *
Click the button below to calculate your current total:
I certify that I am a current member in good standing with EDCAR on or before 12/31/2020. If you change brokers between the date when you submit your application, and February 14, 2021, you must notify Eric Carlson at eric@erictherealtor.com in writing prior to February 14, 2021 *
By signing the field below I certify that I have discussed the submission of this application with my Broker/Office Manager and received their authorization.  Please use your finger on your touch screen (or mouse from a pc) to mark the field below.
Applicant Signature *

EDCAR 2020 Top Achievers Payment Information

Please enter your Credit Card information below if you would like to pay online.  A receipt will be emailed to you the same business day as long as you make a payment prior to 3PM.  If you make a payment on a non-business day, you will receive a receipt on the next business day.
Paying online is encouraged due to COVID-19, but If you are planning on paying through a different method please check the box below, and skip this section.

Upload your Masters Club Report

Masters Club Report for Top Achievers Qualifying

  1. Log on to Prospector at prospector.metrolist.net
  2. Then under Searches select Standard
  3. Uncheck Property types, Property subtypes
  4. Uncheck all the statuses except Sold.  In the date range fields that follow, enter 01/01/(Qualifying Year) in the date range starting field.  Enter 12/31/(Qualifying Year) in the date range ending field.
  5. Make sure nothing else is checked, Scroll down to Listing Agent ID
  6. Enter Your Agent ID
  7. Select Or
  8. Selling Agent enter Your Agent ID
  9. Select Search All of your Listings and sales will be listed for the Year you entered. Make sure they are all checked
  10. Select Reports
  11. Select Options
  12. Select PDF
  13. Scroll down to Masters Club Report, it will be in the list of Standard Reports
  14. Select Masters Club Report/Top Achievers Report
  15. Select Run Reports this will show all the listings and sales from Metrolist MLS Prospector. At the end of the report will be the Amount of Credit Total
  16. Save the report to your computer and upload using the form field directly below.

If you are a sustaining member and do not need to upload documents, check the box below:

EDCAR Top Achievers Club Non-MLS Transaction Form

If you have Non-MLS listings that need to be reported, please click the following link and have the form signed by your broker.  You can then upload the form via the link below:

Questions or Concerns? Contact us:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any of the following members of the Steering Committee:

Pat Quan  916 812-4341 
Linda Riley 530 409-3761
Trent Andra 916 220-9966
Eric Carlson 916 605-9310
Lori Ann Ingram 916 933-4500
Kathy Brill Burk 916-768-4288
DeeDee Riley 916.225.2719
Andrea Duane 916-365-3697
Allicen Cooper  530-333-3489
Sally Long Johns 530 306-0821
Maury O’Hearn 530-409-1647


Pat Quan
EDCAR Top Achiever’s President