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Apply to be placed on our waiting list for June 2022 or August 2022 Enrollment.


Aloha and mahalo for your interest in Ka Hana Pono Daycare and Preschool! 

Whether you are starting care outside of the home for the first time or changing programs, we understand that finding quality care and education for your child cuts to the core of the quality of life for every parent.  

Ka Hana Pono Daycare encourages children to learn about themselves and their island home through every day play experiences. Each day will bring opportunities to learn, to investigate and to express ideas through various play experiences such as:

  • READINESS:  Experiences with colors, shapes, animals, numbers up to 10, & the alphabet.
  • SOCIALIZING:  Getting to know each other & making friends. Planning, working, sharing and playing in an organized and supervised experience so that desirable habits and attitudes, independence and responsibility can be established.
  • LANGUAGE:  Enjoying stories, songs, conversation and drama.
  • CREATIVITY:  Expressing personality by using paints, clays, crayons, manual tools and other materials.
  • MUSIC:  Children love to explore music through body movements and we will provide lots of opportunity for dancing, movement & playing instruments. Music is also an excellent tool for teaching as we’ve discovered, children who can sing it, remember it!

Here is a link to our Parent Handbook, if you haven’t already read through it please do and take note of any questions that you may have.

Program Goals: Our program aims to foster the growth of whole, well-rounded, happy children, and to inspire an appreciation for the natural world and a lifetime environmental ethic. To accomplish this, we will provide children with daily opportunities to develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.

We also continually strive to achieve the following goals:

  • To allow each child the ability to establish a sense of confidence, responsibility, self- discipline and social grace through experiences in the natural world, the classroom and with other children.
  • To instill a deep sense of wonder and a desire for self-directed learning through thought -provoking, interesting and meaningful outdoor and artistic experiences.
  • To cultivate the physical and mental health of the child by providing opportunities to develop motor skills, healthy eating habits and self-help skills in a safe, secure, developmentally appropriate and challenging atmosphere.
  • To create an environment where children are given experiences that will inspire their curiosity and naturally improve their ability to question, reason and recall new things.

Application Process Requirements:

  • Complete & Submit Application
  • Click here to view the required enrollment forms
  • Turn in the Enrollment Form & Enrollment Fee ($150)
  • Due by your child’s first day:
    • Physical Exam & TB Test. Health requirements are:
    • A physical exam within the last year
    • A TB test & immunization records 
    • Two Required Health Forms:  Student Health Form 14and the Early Childhood Pre-K Health Record Supplement     
    • Signed acknowledgment of the COVID Health and Safety Plan 

Lunch & Snack: 

  • Parents bring a home lunch, two snacks and a water bottle.

Financial Aid & Childcare Subsidy Programs

We participate with most Child Care Subsidy Programs. These are programs that provide funds to eligible families with children to assist them in meeting the cost of licensed child care. (examples: Alu Like, Arbor Day, First to Work & etc...).  You can find more information about their program at this web link:  http://humanservices.hawaii.gov/bessd/child-care-program/ccch-subsidies/how-to-apply/  or call (808) 356-5575.  

Thank you for considering Ka Hana Pono for your child's enjoyment and development!  We look forward to receiving your application.  

The State of Hawaii Childcare Licensing Division has licensed Ka Hana Pono since 2009.  All of our teachers and childcare aides are PATCH approved and registered and have gone through the required qualifications and criminal background checks and FBI fingerprinting.  As a licensed program Ka Hana Pono participates in announced and unannounced inspections from various state programs and we are proud to have a stellar record with the various licensing bodies.


If you have any questions regarding enrollment or the waiting list process, please email us at Aloha@KaHanaPonoHaleiwa.com





Please tell us about your child. We are interested in his/her interests, abilities, challenges, special needs or characteristics your child has such as their sense of humor, creativity, imagination, creative thinking, etc...


A TOUR OF KA HANA PONO IS REQUIRED prior to enrollment and must be scheduled in advance.

You may schedule an InPerson Tour using this link: Tour of Ka Hana Pono

If you prefer to schedule a virtual tour using Zoom, please make note of that when making your tour appointment online.  Zoom tours are 15-20 minutes.
*If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour for a time that is not available on our online calendar, please email us at Aloha@KaHanaPonoHaleiwa.com 


Please notify Ka Hana Pono Daycare and Preschool promptly of any changes to the information submitted on this form.

Ka Hana Pono Daycare and Preschool treats all personal information as confidential and the information will only be accessible to you, the director, your child’s caregiver(s), and the person designated by the state licensing department to review our records for licensing purposes. All Ka Hana Pono Daycare and Preschool staff members are subject to a strict employment policy regarding confidentiality.

Providing false information could result in rejection of your application, termination of childcare services, forfeiture of childcare fees, or all of the above. 

You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been received.


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