Upwork Payroll Onboarding Request - Business/Enterprise Standard

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If you did not source on Upwork and you have not already extended a BYO invitation inviting your Talent to join Upwork, please stop and complete this step first. 

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Request review for Exempt Salary determination

Please note: Of requesting this will need to be completed prior to onboarding being initiated and requires completion of a separate questionnaire.
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 By submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree that Upwork will use the information you have provided to submit a contract offer on your behalf in the Upwork platform once the staffing provider confirms that the worker has completed onboarding. The contract offer will be used by Upwork to bill your account for the assignment. Please remember - workers can NOT begin working and may not be able to be paid until they have completed their onboarding and you have received the OK to start the worker from your Payroll Specialist.