2017-2018 Classroom Champions Canadian Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to participate in Classroom Champions for the 2017-18 school year -- a Winter Olympics year! Classroom Champions partners with K-8 public school teachers to match their classroom with an Olympian or Paralympian Mentor for year-long virtual mentorship. We focus on monthly lessons like goal setting, perseverance, teamwork, and community involvement. 

Participating teachers receive donated technology, and our education team will help you learn about social and emotional learning, growth mindset, and creating a strong classroom climate; will provide you with planning resources for project based learning; and will welcome you into our continent-wide Professional Learning Network. The cost of participating in Classroom Champions is incurred by individual, corporate, and foundation donors or by district partners.

Although we invite everyone to apply, we mainly work with schools serving low-income students, or those in remote areas. Applications for the 2017-2018 school year are due by June 30, 2017. We anticipate welcoming teachers on a rolling basis, so don't delay applying! 

If you teach in the Calgary area on reserve or if your class consists of a high percentage of Indigenous students, please click here for a unique application.





If you teach in the U.S. please click here for that application.