Pooch Potty Customer Inquiry

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Pooch Potty boxes are not meant for indoor use (they can be used indoors but the sod will smell after a day or two and the grass needs sunlight to be usable for a full week).

If you do not have protection from rain over your Pooch Potty box, be sure to cover your box with a tarp before rain is expected.  If you let the box get rained on, the sod will get too heavy for you to remove.

Please pick up any feces daily, for the protection of your dog's health.

Pooch Potty does not advise that you expose your dog to urinated on sod for any longer than a week.   The Pooch Potty box is a receptable for a disposable piece of sod and there is only a finite amount of space for the urine to be absorbed into that disposable piece of sod.  Unlike grass on a lawn where there urine gets absorbed into the ground and the lawn is being watered and mowed on a regular basis.   

Pooch Potty is not intended to be a replacement for walking and exercising your dog.  It is meant to be a back up potty option for dogs whom don't have access to a backyard.   
Before purchasing your Pooch Potty box, please be sure you have a way to get weekly sod in your region (sod is not included with the purchase of a Pooch Potty box) *
Due to sanitary reasons, Pooch Potty boxes are non refundable. *
Thank you so much for your inquiry.  If you would like expedited shipping or delivery, please follow up with a phone call to us at: 310-358-9918 and once your box has been ordered, we will do our best to get it to you as soon as possible.   Thank you for your interest in Pooch Potty!