I would like Camp Cocker Rescue to
save or network a particular shelter dog!
Thank you for lobbying for this particular shelter dog that you would like to see saved.
Camp Cocker Rescue is already monitoring most of the high kill shelters within a 200 mile radius of Los Angeles.
There are more than thirty shelters we are monitoring daily. 
On a daily average, there can be up to fifty cocker spaniels spread out over those thirty plus shelters.  (and some shelters will have multiple cocker spaniels)
On a daily basis, up to a dozen new cocker spaniels can be entering the shelters we are monitoring.
Some shelters will euthanize quickly (in under a week) while others will do their best to keep the dogs alive for as long as possible.   We triage the shelters based on which ones are considered the most "dangerous" for a dog to be in.  
If you are asking us to save a cocker spaniel from a shelter that is not as high kill as another one, we may pass simply because we know that our resources are limited and the dog you are networking to us may not be in actual critical danger at this time.
Submitting this form is helpful however, as we can share it with the general public and people that apply to adopt from us that might be interested in adopting a dog directly from a shelter.   
Please take your time and don't skip any of the questions asked.  If you do not fill out the form and answers completely, we will not be able to move this dog up our triage list or network the dog for you.
We receive more than 200 emails a day from people sending us shelter dog photos (we have all of the photos already).   The people that really take an interest in a particular dog and want to see it saved, will take the time to supply all of the information that we need in order to either decide to take it into Camp Cocker or to network the dog to the general public, to try to find an adopter.  
Thank you for your understanding.    The more detail and specific information you put into this form, the better the dog's chances will be to get networked.  
If you have a personal interest in this dog, we urge you to please consider opening up your heart and your home to adopt this dog directly from a shelter.   Even if you live out of the area, we encourage anyone who has a serious interest in a shelter dog to travel here right away to save the dog's life.
If you are unable to adopt this dog for your own, another pathway to seeing this dog get rescued is to find TWO solid reliable foster home commitments, that can qualify by passing the Camp Cocker screening process as outlined here:   http://www.campcocker.com/fostering       This allows us to get two dogs out of boarding who are currently on the waiting list to find foster homes, so that we can in turn, save the dog you are networking.    We require two new foster homes for every shelter dog you are networking to us.   If you do not live in the state, you can always use your social media skills to find the foster homes for us.   It takes a village to rescue just one dog and we rely on people just like you to help get the ball rolling for another shelter dog in need.
We are just a small rescue group and cannot possibly save every cocker spaniel that comes into the shelters in such a large region as southern California.  
Disclaimer:  We cannot take in any dogs that have a bite history, aggression or handling issues.
We also cannot take in any dogs that have dog aggression.   We can only take in senior dogs if you are able to find a minimum of two new foster homes for us and one of them is willing to commit to fostering for as long as it takes to get a senior dog adopted (quite often senior dogs will never get adopted and so few people want to be stuck with a permanent foster dog).   

You must call the shelter directly for some of this information.
Calling shelters can be time consuming, expect to be on hold for a long time or hung up on in some instances.   This is what rescuers are going through every day.   Just try to have patience, be polite, always get the name of the shelter employee you are speaking to, and always thank them for their time (even if they are rude).   If you have to call back and be on hold again, just try to keep in mind you are doing this for the dog.    Don't lose your temper with shelter employees, this will get you nowhere and the dog can pay the price for your temporary frustration when dealing with some shelters.
What is the gender and status of dog being altered? *
The shelter dog photo is something we already have.
To boost this dog's viability for either coming to Camp Cocker Rescue or for us to be able to promote the dog to the general public or to some of our potential adopters, we need you to provide us with more fresh photos and video of the dog.  
If you do not live near the shelter that the dog is in, please find someone through social media who does so they can get you the photos and video required to boost the dog's chances for rescue or adoption.

Please understand that we are requiring as many details as possible so that we may share your request with the general public.  That is why the shelter details are so important, to make it easy for people to go to the shelter to adopt this particular dog.  
Thank you for caring about this shelter dog and for filling this form out in its entirety.  
If you get any new information or more status updates, please email them to CampCockerCathy@gmail.com