Anger Management Essentials Certification Registration Form

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Refund policy:

The refund policy for the virtual meetings is different from the in-person training.

Cancellations made at least 96 hours prior to the start of the workshop are refundable, however, a total of $100 fee will be charged ($30 administration fee plus $70 for the books including shipping and handling). 

Substitutions are permitted. Please note that any cancellation made less than 96 hours of the training will incur 50% of your registration fee. You would only be able to use the remaining amount for a future training and pay the difference at that time. For example, if you have paid $1000, you would only be able to carry a $500 credit towards a future training.

A refund will be issued to any registrant if the cancellation is done by Anger Management Essentials.

Certificate for completion:

Your certificate will be issued only once your payment has been made in full, and once you have completed the full certification course. Specific number of CE’s can be provided if you register for less than the full course, however the certification requires for the participant to complete the full course.


You will receive two books via FedEx or Amazon (one for adults and one for teens). This will be sent to the address you provided in your registration form. If received via Amazon, books may arrive in separate shipments. Should you choose to order a copy in Spanish, Armenian or Hebrew, be sure to place an order with me separately.

Virtual Trainings- You will receive an invitation to our Zoom meeting a few days prior to the training date.

Please be sure to download the app, and familiarize yourself with Zoom meetings. The main suggestion is to download the app, and test to make sure your video, microphone and sound work properly. Please note that a laptop or computer with video is required. Zoom via phone is not permitted. Please be sure to have the proper set up for the course.

Recommended Prior to the Training

You will receive the anger management manual for adults and teens. Though it’s not required to read the books prior to the training, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the program.  Some people prefer ample time to prepare to offer a mock facilitation. If so, select up to three lesson plans you plan to teach. There are 52 lesson plans, be sure to select one from the table of content. Teen book is an option as well.

Mock Groups

In order to make sure you understand the material, and to be comfortable with facilitating anger management groups, we have you facilitate two mock groups (5-6 minutes of length for each group) and one 1:1 session for 7-10 minutes. If group facilitation is a concern to you, please discuss alternative options with Anita by emailing me. The mock facilitation can feel stressful for some attendees, but they also mention how that is usually the best part of the program. If for any reason you are not able to make the mock facilitation, a make-up mock facilitation can be scheduled for you at the rate of $85.

All participants in the Anger Management Essentials, Inc. (the “Company”) anger management certification training program (the “Program”) are required to read and sign this acknowledgment and waiver (the “Acknowledgment”) as a precondition of participation. Please read this Acknowledgment closely. By signing below, you acknowledge and understand the following:
1. Your enrollment and participation in the Program is not a guarantee of certification or recognition through either the National Anger Management Association (“NAMA”) or through California Association of Anger Management Providers (“CAAMP”). The Company is not an agent, representative, or partner of either organization. Company neither determines nor controls the bases for certification established by CAAMP or NAMA.
2. Your successful completion of the Program and receipt of certification may be a basis for eligibility to join CAAMP, but does not alone entitle you to appear on any applicable court list of certified anger management practitioners. You understand that CAAMP and any other organization maintains their own requirements for active membership and eligibility.
3. You have read the prerequisites for certification for the CAMS-I and CAMS-II certificates as established by NAMA and displayed on the NAMA website ( and assert that you meet such requirements. You understand that you will not receive a CAMS-I certification unless you meet all prerequisites at the time of enrollment.
4. You are not guaranteed to obtain a particular level of competence or expertise in the provision of anger management coaching or facilitation by virtue of your participation in the Program. The Program is offered as-is.
5. Your failure to obtain certification through the Program is not a basis for a refund of your enrollment fee or any other cost associated with the Program, either in whole or in part. All refunds will be made pursuant to the Refund Policy, found below.
6. Participation in the Program is not an offer or guarantee of employment with Anger Management Essentials, Inc., with Anger Management 818, or with any other related company. The Company does not necessarily consider participation in the Program as a factor in making hiring or employment decisions. You are not employed by the Company in any capacity, whether as an employee, intern, contractor, volunteer, or trainee, and you are not permitted to hold yourself out as a professional therapist to any third party solely by virtue of your participation in the Program.
7. The Company may terminate your participation in the Program for any lawful reason, including, but not limited to, non-payment of enrollment fees, absenteeism, disruptiveness to the class or to Company’s business, unprofessionalism, or any improper behavior directed toward other Program participants or to Company’s staff. Your termination from the Program does not entitle you to a return of your enrollment fees, either in whole or in part, except as described in the Refund Policy.
8. Your regular attendance and active participation is a necessary part of the Program, and you are expected to attend the entire Program in order to be eligible for certification. If you are attending a three-day session, you must attend no fewer than two (2) of the three (3) days, and you must attend the third and final day in order to qualify for certification.
9. Company may amend the schedule of the Program on reasonable prior notice. You are not entitled to a refund, either in whole or in part, due to any scheduling conflicts you experience as a result of any such amendment. Company may cancel or abridge the Program for any reason, including any force majeure event (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake), and you will be entitled only to a pro rata refund of your enrollment fees upon the occurrence of such an event.
10. Materials provided to you as part of the Program are copyrighted by the Company or by a third party licensor. You are not authorized to reproduce, sell, or distribute the materials to any third party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Company may permit you to purchase its workbooks in bulk and resell to your clients, on terms established by the Company from time to time.
11. The Program is not being offered for credit with any educational institution.
12. You have been advised to obtain legal counsel to review the terms of this Acknowledgment and any other documents provided to you as part of the Program. By signing this Acknowledgment, you acknowledge that you have retained such counsel or have waived the right to do so.
13. Your certificate of completion for the Program will be issued, if at all, only once your payment has been made in full and received by the Company and once you have completed the entire certificate course. Certification will not be granted without successful completion of the full Program.
14. If you are attending the Program as a member of an agency that is paying for your participation, the agency may condition your certification on your continued employment with that agency. Company shall honor all such agency requests in its own discretion.
15. Registrants who successfully complete the full Program shall be eligible to receive up to twenty-one (21) continuing education (CE) credits. In Company’s discretion, Company may issue a pro-rated number of CE credits based on Registrant’s completion of less than all coursework offered as part of the Program.
16. Company Refund Policy: Payment for the Program is refundable in the event Registrant cancels his or her registration at least seven 7 calendar days prior to the start of the Program; however, Company shall charge each Registrant a $30 administration fee for all early cancellations. If Registrant cancels his or her registration between 3 and 7 calendar days prior to the start of the Program, Registrant’s registration fee may be used for future programs, less the administration fee described above and reasonable costs associated with participation in the Program, including, but not limited to, refreshments and materials. Company reserves the right to determine these costs in its sole discretion. If Registrant cancels his or her registration less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of the Program, 50% of Registrant’s registration fee may be used for future programs, less the fees and expenses described above. All payment balances reserved for future programs shall expire twelve months after the initial, canceled registration date. To avoid the forfeiture of Registrant’s registration fee, in whole or in part, Company may permit Registrant to provide a substitute attendee, which person shall execute all necessary acknowledgements and other agreements prior to their participation in the Program. If Company elects to terminate a Registrant’s registration through no fault of the Registrant, Company shall issue Registrant a full refund.
17. Intellectual Property Notice: The workbooks, slides, and other materials provided to you by the Company as part of the Program (the “Materials”) are a valuable asset of the Company and are subject to copyright protection. With the exception of those pages of the workbook for which Company has specifically granted you the right to make copies, your participation in the Program and your purchase of the workbooks or other Materials does not serve to grant you any license or other right to copy, distribute, or make derivative works of the Materials, or to use the Materials to replicate the training given under the Program, whether or not for profit. You acknowledge that the Program and its Materials are provided to you for the purpose of enabling you to teach the coursework (and the methods that constitute the coursework) to your clients, and not to train other counselors, therapists, or other similar parties or to otherwise commercially exploit the Materials for your benefit or the benefit of any third party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may use soft copy business forms provided by Company for your own purposes, provided you remove all references to Anger Management 818 and replace them with your own company name. Videos screened as part of the Program but not otherwise made available to you (i.e. videos related to neuroscience and anger) may be purchased for the purpose of re-screening to your clients at
Please sign below once you have read and understood the above mentioned acknowledgement and waiver. *