Bikes for Beef Tax
Thank you for choosing to support the American Motorcyclist Association, the country's premier advocate for the motorcycle lifestyle since the organization's founding in 1924.
As a membership organization, the AMA's primary source of funds to fulfill its mission are provided by its members through annual membership dues and donations.
All funds donated here will support that mission, including:
  • Support our the AMA Government Relations Department as it fights in Washington, D.C., and around the country;

  • Amplify motorcyclists’ voice at the national, state and local levels;

  • Fund efforts to promote motorcycling to new riders, including women, kids and under-served communities;

  • Support the AMA’s racing activity that gives new and experienced riders opportunities to compete;

  • Help us grow the AMA State Chapter Network, which is identifying and establishing volunteer leaders in every state in the country;

  • Provide resources for the AMA Recreational Riding Department as it works with AMA-chartered organizers to expand fun and safe opportunities to ride on both the street and the trail.

Please note that the AMA is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit.

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