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While every effort is taken to ensure security of your data, Formsite is a third party service and RN Electronics cannot be held liable for the security of any information submitted via this service. If you have any concerns about using this service, please contact an RN Electronics representative to discuss alternative options.

How to complete this form:

- This form is your declaration to RN Electronics, therefore the information you provide must be correct.
- A complete form will need to be submitted for each product being submitted to RN Electronics for testing.
- The form will ask a number of questions throughout, depending on the answer to these question the form will customise the next stages with respects to your answer.
- If you have any question about this form and how to complete it please speak to an RN Electronics representative.

Save & Return (optional)

Save your progress and complete this form later. Save & Return accounts are unique for each form. You can create accounts on each form using the same information, but each form will only allow access to that form’s results.

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