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NOTE: Any printed material with a cost of $100 or over will require DM approval.

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DM- Allen, Randy *
DM- Oberbroeckling, Jay *
DM- Holder, Chris *
DM- Harrell, Bryan *
DM- DeGrote, Ryan *
DM- Lamb, Mike *
DM- Lood, Colleen *
DM- Jackson, Jeremy *
DM- Bradley, Salim *
DM- Goff, Cameron *
DM- Mansella, Anthony *
DM- Goerdt, Tom *
DM- Martinez, Rick *
DM- Peters, Mark *
DM- Schockemoehl, Chad *
DM- Pastier, Matthew *
DM- Sumter, Kevin *
DM- Hannenberg, Bridget *
DM- Early, Matthew *
DM- Skogen, Christina *
DM- Elgin, Derek *
DM- Lewis, Jennifer *
DM- Weber, Eric *
DM- Falk, Rachel *
DM- Jones, Courtney *
DM- Alvarado, Jenifer *
DM- Weiss, Eric *
DM- Darrell Christopher *
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These flyers will be placed in the HE Math Problem Solved folder brochure. Please specify if you need these flyers by themselves. For questions, please contact Audrey Otto.
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