Application for Honors Credit for Study Abroad or National Student Exchange
Students may earn honors credit for any study abroad program for which they also earn Towson University credit.  For complete information on how the honors credit is awarded and restrictions, visit the Honors College study abroad web site at the link below or

Student Information

If you are applying for an Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship, please list the address where you would like to receive your scholarship notification letter.

Term in which you plan to study abroad *


Application for an Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship

To be considered for an Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship, students must submit their Honors Study Abroad Application for Credit Form by November 1 (for minimester and spring study abroad) or April 1 (for summer and fall study abroad).  Preference for Honors College Study Abroad Scholarships is given to students who have demonstrated their participation and service in the Honors College.