Honors College Graduation Application

The Honors College Graduation Application is due to the Honors College by April 1 for May graduation and by November 1 for December graduation. 

In order to graduate from the Honors College, Honors students must complete the necessary Honors requirements for their respective catalog year and complete the Honors College Graduation Application form.  Honors College graduates will be awarded an Honors College medallion to wear at Commencement, be given an Honors College certificate of completion, have the Honors College seal affixed to their diploma, and have the designation of University Honors Scholar on their official transcript.

Student Information

Please list your preferred contact information where you can be reached after graduation.
Preferred Method of Contact *

Student Accomplishments

Please list any of the following academic accomplishments you've completed during your time here at Towson University:

Life after TU

What are your plans after graduation? *
Would you be available to talk to an honors student about similar job/field interests? *

Faculty Award Nomination

All graduating students are asked to nominate a faculty member for the Honors College Professor of the Year Award.  In order to recognize as many outstanding faculty as possible, we try not to give the award more than once to the same professor within a 3-year time period.  Previous faculty recipients include Prof. Lillian Carter (2015), Prof. Peter Baker (2014), and Prof. Andrew Reiner (2013).

Honors College Convocation

At the end of the spring term, the Honors College hosts a graduation celebration.  All graduates from the current academic year are invited to attend.  It is an opportunity for graduates to be recognized and honored by the Honors College for their hard work and diligence.  This year, Honors College Convocation will take place on May 1, 2016.  You will receive a formal invitation to the Convocation ceremony in March.  Each student may invite two additional guests to join us in celebrating his or her accomplishments.  Please look for the invitation in March and be sure to respond to register for the event.