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Honors College Application
All new first-year and transfer students admitted to the Honors College for fall 2014 receive an honors scholarship each year in addition to any other scholarships and grants they may receive.  Current Towson University students, including those who become full-time TU students in spring 2014, may compete for a limited number of scholarships. 
Be sure to apply to the Honors College by December 1, 2013, even if you have not yet been admitted to Towson University.  In order for your application to be received, you must click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.  You will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Students who apply to the Honors College must also apply for general admission to Towson University. You are encouraged to apply to Towson University by December 1, 2013.

Student Information

Academic Records

The Honors College will receive your high school or college transcript and SAT or ACT scores from University Admissions.  The Honors College will only consider GPAs reported by Towson University Admissions.


Please attach a resume that clearly lists the following items within one page:
(1)  Awards (academic and extra-curricular)
(2)  Activities that enhance global awareness (such as international travel, participation in a multicultural organization, coursework with an international focus, or other activities that promote a global perspective)
(3)  Leadership positions
(4)  Community service/civic engagement
Please note when you received the awards listed or the amount of time in which you participated in the activities.  TIP: The Honors College is interested in those activities that were most meaningful to you.  In other words, the length of the lists in each category is less important than the experiences themselves.



Please attach a 500-word essay that answers one of the questions listed below.  TIP: Students who write outstanding essays directly answer the question, present a clear thesis at the beginning of the essay, and support that point throughout the essay.  (You may use a portion of your Honors College essay as your essay for the general Towson University application for admission.)
Essay Option 1: Imagine you are a top Presidential advisor, and you are drafting the President’s remarks for the State of the Union.  What would you advise the President to include as the top three initiatives for the country’s blueprint for the next year and why?

Essay Option 2: Towson University’s Honors College is dedicated to preparing students to make a difference in a global society.  What coursework, reading, or outside experiences have had the greatest impact on how you view our globally connected society?  How do you plan to use your college experience to prepare yourself for success in an increasingly globalized world?

Essay Option 3: Many of the problems of the 21st century will require creative approaches from scholars in many fields who are able to think critically and across disciplines.  Describe a problem that you have studied or would like to study whose solution needs an interdisciplinary approach.  How do you plan to use your college experience to develop the skills necessary to address that problem?


Optional Items

All applicants have the option of submitting a short introductory video about themselves as part of their Honors College application.  If you choose to submit a video, it must be no longer than one minute.  Through the video, please explain to the admissions committee what you hope to gain from this opportunity and how you would like to contribute to the life of the Honors College community.

If you would like to submit other supplementary items with your application (such as letters of recommendation), please send them by email (, fax (410-704-4916), or mail (Honors College, Towson University, 8000 York Road, Towson, MD  21252).  Supplementary application materials are not required.


Applicant Agreement

By submitting this application, you are confirming that all of the information that you have provided is complete and accurate.  Failure to give complete and accurate information on this application will result in cancellation of the application or dismissal from the Honors College if enrolled.

You will receive a confirmation email that your Honors College application has been received.
Questions?  Contact us at or 410-704-4677.

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