So you couldn't find what you were looking for, no worries. FurtasticTails aims to please! If you fill out the following information we will be able to better assist you in your search for the perfect tail or accessory. Keep in mind prices of Tails very on color chosen.

Belt Straps Specifications

Main Strap
Inner Ribbon

Collar Specifications

Main Strap of Collar
Inner Ribbon of Collar
Collar Style

Tail Harness Specifications

Strap Color
Harness Size

Thigh High Harness Specifications

Strap Color
Thigh High Harness Size

Belt Clip Harness Specifications

Strap Color
Blet Clip Harness Size

Tail Specifications

Wire Tail?
Hair Style of Tail? (description located on Learn more page)

Please keep in mind if you are planning on purchasing any of the Special DEALS, your discount will not be included, best to email about said orderd directly.
Also if you have questions about an item that is not on the form please email Kora Wolf at
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